Friday night at Society for the Preservation of the Bluegrass Music - SPBGMA - Nashville, TN

Hope you, our fans, are enjoying the new website. We are excited to debut it and I'm especially excited to be participating in this new feature, our BLOG! I've always wanted to write one and Tommy says I always have plenty to say...not sure if that was a compliment! But I'll give it the old college try and we will see how things go!

It was a hot time in Nashville last night at the Randm Records showcase! The crowd was loud and proud of the traditional bluegrass that filled the suite for 6 solid hours. The fun continues Saturday and Sunday at the Sheraton Hotel. If you've never been to this event, it is quite the experience. Lots of musicians and tons of music all coming together to entertain scores of fans.

Last night, we debuted two new singles. Check them out here on the site or iTunes. It's traditional bluegrass at it's finest. Til next time.....Laura

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